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We’ve assembled the country’s strongest geek marketers to form Promo360.  With a mission to create new opportunities for brands to connect with the most passionate fans in the world, Promo360 is at the forefront of busting through the clutter and developing immersive experiences that encourage and embrace nerdery.  And when needed, our sidekicks join our forces to help expand our reach worldwide.


Promo360 also works in the technology, energy, and finance worlds.  Our team has strong histories with major key players in these industries, and we’re excited to work with cutting edge, burgeoning, innovative companies to drive event experiences forward in into the 2020s and beyond.  


When you bring your brand to move merch or build a lasting connection with the fans, we can make getting there and looking great easy and impactful. We call it our "Backpack Program" - show up with your backpack, we'll do the rest.

  • Design and Concept

  • 3D Renderings 

  • Booth flow strategy

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Production

  • Installation & Dismantle

  • Staffing

  • Fabric or Modular Exhibit Systems

  • A/V and Technology Development and Management


With over twenty years of event and entertainment experience, Promo360 knows cons inside and out. Panels, show floor, tickets, programming, and more, we can provide a boost to existing shows, or help you build yours from the ground up.

  • Talent/Celebrity Services

  • Exhibitor Services

  • Sponsorship Services

  • Show Segment Services

  • Show Operations

  • Complete Show Revamp

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Multi-show negotiation

  • Marketing

  • Web design & social media


Whether it’s a launch for a new game, a meet and greet to network, a buzz-building campaign or even a publicity stunt, our events have been rich enough in scope and scale that they’ve been covered by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and more. If you can dream it, we can take you there.

  • Launch Parties

  • Location-based entertainment

  • Press Events

  • Custom Talent Experiences

  • Pop-Up Universes 

  • Mobile AR Games

  • Tours


Promo360 assists brands in thinking  outside the booth with external show presence off the main floor, including sponsorships, parties, immersive pop-up experiences, and more.

  • Staffing and Sourcing of Talent

  • Specialized Talent (Dancers, Singers, Acrobats)

  • Fully Turn Key Events

  • Concept Creation

  • Costuming


Celebrity meet & greets should be a fun and meaningful interaction for both talent and fans. We'll move beyond line-and-sign to create unique, custom experiences.

  • A, B, C level Talent Negotiations and Bookings

  • Talent Immersive Events

  • Intimate Talent Experiences

  • Talent Brand Building


If you're looking to target fans, you'd better be authentic. We speak fan languages fluently, to make your voice resonate.

  • Personal and deep knowledge of multiple fandoms

  • Key innovators in fandoms 

  • Organic connectors of fandoms and brands

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