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The Promo Guy's C2E2 Recap!

This year, C2E2 continued to evolve into one of the premier shows in the midwest. I've been going to and/or exhibiting at C2E2 since their very first show, and have watched it grow and emerge as a AA level show that is a must-attend for locals and out-of -towners. While the show floor has expanded, and our client, Marvel, was again a hot spot to all weekend long, I was happy to see a wide variety of publishers (DC even came back finally!) and some vendors selling very unique wares. The show is fun, easily navigated, and well laid out... but the real fun is downstairs in they Hyatt lobby.

The newly renovated Hyatt hotel/bar lobby was packed from morning until way past my bedtime each night with industry leaders and fans galore. I felt like Oprah for a few hours with a constant parade of "guests" I needed to greet: Boom! Studios' Filip Sablik hot off of his applause-heavy Diamond Summit speech, top cover artist Mark Brooks partaking in Drink and Draw for charity, Cosplayer extraordinaire Yaya Han (Ok ok I was only able to wave since I was deep in conversation discussing the possibility of Jar Jar Binks appearing as the true head of the Empire in Episode IX), and so many more. If you want to people watch, get some great business contacts, and get all sorts of hugs from friends, this is the place to be at C2E2. Everyone has had a few cocktails (except me!), has loosened up, and is ready to relax after a long day. It's the only large show that offers this, as the Hyatt is the main hotel for the industry and guests at C2E2. At SDCC, everyone is spread all over--- and don't even get me started on how dispersed we are at NYCC.

Special shout-out to the always-in-character Superman MoS cosplayer who refused to relax his smile or alter his gaze as he walked around everywhere. He appeared to want anyone to notice him, but when they did, was oblivious to our accolades for the characterization. He was awesome and did the S shield proud!

Overall... C2E2 is a fun, relaxed show. No shoving crowds, no hours-long lines, no crazy must-see events. I'd love to see it evolve to full-fledged AAA con level with more premier level publishers and gaming booths, and I'm sure that will start to happen over the next two years or so. And when it does, I'm sure my team and I will be on a big stage still asking "who has a Marvel movie ticket from 2008 in their pocket" to win a coveted tee shirt or statue! Ahhh the Marvel Giveaway Hour: always my favorite moment of the show!

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